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This site last updated on  02-Dec-2004
I will be in the U.S.A. from 31st May until 29th August. I will be having many trips whilst in the States. This page will help you to navigate to the pages holding the pictures and journals of my adventures. All pages are now updated, and I have left the U.S.A.
Florida Whilst in Florida, I'll be visiting with my cousin Andy, his wife Cristina and Andy's two sons Cable and Coldon and also Cristina's Mom, Carmen. Plans are flexible, but I will be visiting Disney World, and hopefully the Keys and the Everglades. Visit ended 21st June 2003.
Pacific North West Next stop will be the Pacific North-West. I will be staying in Gig Harbor, with my Aunt Jean. There will be lots of little trips, and I will also be staying with my cousin Alison, and her husband Neil, with their children Norelle, Natasha, Andon, Adison, and Narissa. This will include a trip up to Canada, and also Eastern Washington. Visit ended 2nd August.

 I took over 200 images whilst in Yellowstone, and cannot possibly post them all, so here is a selection.

If anyone is thinking of touring the US National Parks, I recommend the Xanterra web site for reserving accommodation, and getting information, and if you are visiting more than 3 parks, get a National Parks Pass. The tour of Yellowstone completed on 7th August.

Yosemite This links to a page that also includes a couple of pictures of Lake Tahoe, which I passed through on the way to Yosemite. The trip around Yosemite finished on 13th August.
Las Vegas This links to a page that now includes Death Valley, as well as the tales from Las Vegas. This trip finished on 16th August.
Grand Canyon The journal and pictures from The Grand Canyon. This trip is now complete. If you want more information on the Mule Ride, got to the Xanterra web site above. The trip finished on 20th August.
Los Angeles Last port of call is Los Angeles, where I will be visiting with my cousin Alex, his wife Sue, and their daughter Abigail. No pictures of stars, other than Abigail! Pictures mostly of family, but a few of Hollywood. Trip finished on 29th August.