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Me in the Grand Canyon, 2003

To introduce myself, my name is Andy Beardsley. After 26 years of work, I have decided to take a year out. Since I have always loved traveling, but never had the time to fulfil this ambition, other than brief breaks, I have decided to use the time to visit my many friends and family around the world. Since they are quite literally all over the globe, I decided to do a "Round-the-World" trip. Planning the timing was critical, since some people lived in the Northern Hemisphere, and others in the Southern Hemisphere. I did not want my tour to be a voyage of the world's winters!

The purpose of this site is to let people follow my tour. Below is my itinerary for the tour. You can use this to navigate around the site to read about my adventures, and to view pictures I take on the trip

The trip started on 31st May 2003. I am happy for anybody to use my pictures on their own web site, so long as my copyright is acknowledged. The tour of the World is now completed! It was completed on November 26th, when I had to unexpectedly terminate the trip, and return to the UK, where my Father had been taken ill. The good news is that he is now making a good recovery, but not without some ups and downs. Thank you to everyone who has sent me their support, and good wishes.

U.S.A. The trip starts in the USA, visiting my cousin Andrew in Florida, then on up to the Seattle area to spend time with my Aunt Jean and her daughter, Alison and family, before setting off on a trip down to my other cousin Alex in Los Angeles. This trip takes in Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Las Vegas. I will also fit in a short visit to Canada. Trip finished on 29th August 2003.
Fiji Next place to visit, Fiji. I have always had this fantasy to go to one of the South Sea islands, and Fiji seems to fit the bill nicely! I had a wonderful time, and the holiday is now sadly over. Completed on 12th September 2003.
New Zealand On to New Zealand, where I am joined by my friend Bob Starling. We are visiting both the North and South Island, with ideas to visit the hot springs in the North Island, before venturing south to see the fjords, mountains, and generally wonderful scenery. Not forgetting the penguins! We also hope to visit the sites used for filming Lord of the Rings. Completed 12th October.
Australia Next stop Australia, firstly off up the east coast to view the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, followed by a trip to the heart of the continent in Alice Springs, and also Uluru (Ayres Rock). The journey then takes me to Broome on the west coast, where I will be visiting Graham Jones, then on to Gwynnie Evans, Graham's sister, in Perth, then by train to Adelaide, on to Carol, another member of the Jones family in Melbourne, and finally Sidney. Completed 26th November.
South Africa This leg had to be abandoned due to the ill health and subsequent death of my Father.