Whilst in Fiji, I stayed at Tambua Sands Resort. I can strongly recommend this resort to anyone. The pictures from the diving have been uploaded now, though the quality is poor. The holiday finished on 12th September.

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The view from the Bure, the living accommodation. On arrival, the room was beautifully laid out, with flowers in the towels. The view out to sea was as you would expect. In the evening there was a fantastic sunset. Note some of these views, and compare them to the storm views later, especially low tide!The resort has a lovely pool. We also had some clear nights, when the moonlight was like daylight this picture taken at 11:00p.m., you could even see beneath the sea it was so bright. I had a great view of Mars.

Every evening entertainment was laid on, there was a Meke, it means a Fijian dance. Lots of singing and dancing. Every evening there was a torch lighting ceremony. There was Polynesian dancing, and here's me with them! We were also given activities during the day, including a Jungle Walk and village tour. There was the collecting of coconuts, then trimming them, so that we could sample the milk and flesh.
On the Saturday, a storm that can occur once every 2 years came out of the Pacific brought in huge waves, which along with a Spring tide resulted in a tidal surge, and waves on the beach, damaging the gardens. The waves at the reef must have been 20 to 30 feet. I have estimated the surge at the beach as over 12 feet. Compare these pictures from others both before and after the storm. They even set people to clearing the broken coral from the beach. There is a storm channel, which completely filled with many surges. Here is the same view after the storm. Even the road suffered! 
One of my trips was to go on a sailing schooner "The Whale's Tale". We went passed several tropical islands. We stopped at two, where I was able to go snorkeling and see a lot of beautiful fishes, including Clown Fish and Angel Fish as well as corals. We were entertained by the crew, and served up some lovely food. It was a great day, and will live with me for a long time.
The other major trip was up to Namuamua on a boat. It is the location for the film Anaconda 2. The journey up the crystal clear river took us through rapids, and passed waterfalls. We were able to stop and swim. We arrived at the village, and were greeted by a Fijian warrior, and then taken to the Bure to be welcomed in Fijian style, with the Kava ceremony. We then went on a brief tour of the village, and here's me with the Bure in the background. We were then given a Fijian feast, where I was escorted by the wife of the chief's son! The ride home was on a bamboo raft, and here's me waiting to leave! On arrival back at Tambua Sands, I then had to go through the Kava ceremony again! Next day I had a headache! An other memorable trip, this time of true Fijian life.