This site last updated on  21-Aug-2003
The journey to Las Vegas included a detour through Death Valley. I entered via this road, drove through scrub desert, with "Forests" of Cacti. Here I am with a view of the first valley, and a gorge in the background. If you look carefully, you can see these Sand Dunes in the background. The road out of the other valley was very long, and visible for miles.
The startling aspect of Death Valley, is not just the barrenness, but the geology. These cliffs show how the Earth's crust must have moved. This is a view of the Death Valley floor, and the Sand Dunes at the bottom of Death Valley. There were no more pictures due to camera problems.
The standard view of Las Vagus! First we went to Paris! Here I lost, and Jean won! No pictures from this night, since I needed to work out how to take pictures without flash.
Next day, we went to Caesar's Palace, where we had a lovely meal. Here's me, and here's Jean outside. Again, we played Black Jack, and again, Jean won and I lost! We came back via Bellagio's, where there is a wonderful Water Ballet. I have video, but it is 40 mB, and I have decided not to post it.
For my last night, I managed to see Celine Dion's show. It was fantastic. It is a fully live production, using light and projection in a wonderful way. You are transported into a complete fantasy world. I love Celine's music, but if you are not a fan, you may not enjoy it so much.
We stayed in the Hawthorn Suites, which is a really good place to stay, and is close to the strip, and the MGM Sudios Hotel and Casino.