This site last updated on  15-Aug-2003
Lake Tahoe is a lovely lake, which has the borders of California and Nevada down it's middle. It is most definitely "Beauty and the Beast", the beast being the tackiness of Nevada! I stopped in a town called "Stateline" which has California on one side of the street, and Nevada on the other. I also passed through Carson Valley, the only fertile part of Nevada. It's history is most interesting.
 The first part of Yosemite takes you to Tuolumne Meadows. This picture is not strictly the Meadows, but is quite beautiful. Next I went on to a view point which provided a wonderful view of Yosemite, and introduced me to the concept of trees growing in what appears to be solid rock! And here is close up evidence.
 What sets Yosemite apart is the strong Glacial activity here that gave rise to Yosemite Valley, and a number of features, such as Glacial Erratics. Half Dome was created by glacial activity which ground away the side of a granite dome.
 Yosemite falls are the tallest falls in North America at 2,425 feet from top to bottom. They are split into the Upper Falls at 1430 feet, a Cascade, at 675 feet, and the Lower Falls at 320 feet.
 The Mariposa Grove is a grove of Giant Sequoia trees. These are the largest organisms on earth. It was a lovely morning walking through the grove of ancient trees, where I saw a Mule Deer Stag, a Squirrel trying to drag this large cone along. There are all sorts of features in the trees, including this tunnel through the tree. I also managed to find a Sequoia that is probably younger than me!!! They live up to 3,000 years. Fire is an essential part of the ecology of these forests, and is now done in a controlled way by the National Park.
The next stop was up to Glacier Point where you get a phenomenal view of the valley. You can also look right down onto the Merced River, and Yosemite Village. I then went for a walk up to the top of Sentinel Dome, where you get a full 360 degree view of Yosemite. It is breathtaking, both view and altitude at 8,122 feet. Here is me with El Capitan and Half Dome for company!
 The final day, I visited Mirror Lake, which is more of a pond at this time of the year, but still took a nice picture. Then it was on out of the valley, where I passed by Bridal Veil Falls, again, not spectacular as the water dries up in the summer, but still pretty. A final view along Yosemite valley, then back , passed the Tenaya Lake, which feeds into Tenaya Canyon and Mirror Lake, through the Tuolumne Meadows then out of the park, with one final beautiful vista!