This site last updated on  03-Sep-2003

I arrived in LA on 21st August after a long drive which included a thunderstorm in the Mojave desert that even made the news in the UK. I survived to be greeted warmly by my second cousin Abigail Smith. Here's me with my computer gear updating the web site, with a little help!

 This part of the trip is more about me spending time with Alex and his family. I had never met Susan or Abigail. The first trip was out with Abby and Susan to the zoo. On the way, Abby went riding, and she had such fun, she had 3 goes, including a canter! We also visited the Autry museum on the American West.

On the Sunday morning we visited the Hollywood Farmers Market, I was star spotting but didn't see any. It's a really fun place with entertainment as well as lots of stalls. We finished off with Susan and Abby jammin'. The kids are encouraged to join in, and we had a load of fun.

On the Sunday afternoon, we went to the Getty Museum for a Kid's Concert, and for me to see some of the artwork on display. It is a fantastic museum. A lovely building and gardens, and an excellent view over part of the city. I spent my time in the impressionist's gallery, where they allow you to take Photographs without flash, so with acknowledgement to the Getty Museum, here is Van Gogh's "Irises". The kids, including Alex, all had a lot of fun, dancing to the music!

On the Monday, we went off to Hollywood, again star spotting, but without any luck. However, we got a picture with Susan and me in front of the Hollywood sign. Also with me pointing at the concrete slab with Marylin Monroe's signature, hand and foot prints.

We walked around the place where they hold the Oscars. It was spectacular at night, as well as by day. I had to have a picture of me on the Hollywood Boulevard pavement where there are Stars in the pavement with the names of celebrities.
I managed a trip to the La Brea tar pits. They are very interesting, but more so for the parts of the area where the tar is just oozing out of the ground in the middle of lawns! This place is where many skeletons and bones from large prehistoric mammals have been excavated, and here is a model of two mammoths, one appearing to struggle in the tar.
On the final day, we made a return visit to Griffith Park, home of the Zoo, and other delightful play areas for children. This is a picture of Alex, Abigail and Susan on my last day.I would like to thank them for their wonderful hospitality and friendship. They gave me a fantastic time, and I'll miss them all.