This site last updated on  02-Dec-2004

The New Zealand journey has now begun, liberally laced with visits to sites where they filmed Lord of the Rings. Bob and I are still making it up as we go along, but I have split the journey into four parts. We start off by heading south down the east coast of the North Island, so that is, originally, called North Island part 1. Then we spend 2 weeks in the South Island, so week one will be South Island part 1, then the second week part 2. We finally return for our last week in the North Island, so that will be North Island part 2.

North Island - Part 1 We begin the journey in Auckland, heading first to Mt. Maunganui, then Tauranga. Next stop is Rotorua, then on to Lake Taupo. We then head for the Hawkes bay wine lands, and finally on to Wellington for the crossing to the South Island on a ferry. North Island is absolutely beautiful, and we have both been overwhelmed by the stunning scenery.
South Island - Part 1 The second week was spent on the South Island. We managed to miss Christchurch, so apologies to that city, but we did see some really stunning scenery, especially the Banks Peninsular in Christchurch. Both Bob and I fell in love with the Otago peninsular, not just for the scenery, but the wildlife. I love bird watching, so the Albatross was a special treat, and Bob loves penguins, and we saw two species, the Blue Penguin, and the Yellow Eyed Penguin. We reached the foot of South Island, before turning North. The end of the week was spent in Te Anau, a wonderful place.
South Island - Part2 A short week this time. We set off from Te Anau for Queenstown, where we had a Jet Boat ride. We then headed for the Fox and Franz Joseph Glaciers, with very poor weather for the first day, but gorgeous weather for the second day. We then meandered up the west coast to Westport via "Pancake Rocks". After that we went over to Nelson, then on to Blenheim, before leaving the South Island from Picton.
North Island - Part2 We returned to the North Island, with the weather very variable. The first day and a half spent finding something good in the sun. We eventually achieved this with a quick return to Taupo, followed by a trip up Mt Tarawera, near to Rotorua, before heading for a few days rest in the Bay of Islands. We leave New Zealand on 12th October, me for Australia, Bob for UK via USA.