This site last updated on  04-Dec-2003
Unfortunately, Melbourne greeted me with overcast skies, and a little chilly after Adelaide. However, on the first day, Tim took me up Mt. Dandenong, where there were some wonderful views of the city. Look carefully at the introduction picture, and you can just make out the sky line. Tim took me through the mountain forest, where there were tree ferns, and huge Mountain Ash, (a Eucalypt version).
On the Saturday, Carol took me on a tour of the city. We went up the Rialto Tower for a really good 360 degree Panoramic view, out to the Bay. We also passed by the Anglican Cathedral, and this wonderful old Gothic Building, which is and was a Bank! We also visited Federation Square, a modern area, built to commemorate 100 years of Australian Federation. The day was still very overcast.
Carol and Frank took me out to explore the Yarra valley. We first visited a wildlife centre where we saw this lovely Wallaby, and also Dingoes, a Wombat, Koala, Echidna, Duck Billed Platypus, several Parrot species, a lovely Bronze Winged Dove, a Night Heron, and a Black Kite demonstrating it's skills breaking Emu eggs. For lunch we went to the Rochford Estate, where I can strongly recommend their Chardonnay. After lunch we went to a Mountain Ash forest, where there were some giant tree ferns, some were 30 feet tall. Finally, we saw this beautiful King Parrot.

The trip along the Great Ocean Road began at Bell Beach, where I was quite cold.We then went to a Golf Course to see Eastern Grey Kangaroos. They were very large, and wild, since they hopped away when approached, but you could get close enough for a posed picture! We then stopped at another surfer beach, before getting this wonderful view along the coast. We next stopped at an area where we saw at least 12 wild Koala's, and this pair was close enough to shake hands! Next we visited a temperate Rain Forest, where the Myrtle Beech had holes in their trunks, where they had started life on Nursery trees. Along the road, and Echidna ran across the road. We stopped, and got very close, but it wouldn't pose! After lunch we went to the 12 Apostles, a series of Limestone Stacks coming out of the sea. I had warmed up by then! Next was Loch Ard Gorge, where the only 2 survivors from a shipwreck in 1876 came ashore. Finally on to "London Bridge", which was attached to the mainland until 1991.