This site last updated on  05-Nov-2012

The 4th July is such a special event in the USA, I felt it deserved it's own page.

I had a great day, just messing around with my cousin Alison's family. We went to a neighbors to swim in their pool, then in the evening we went into Seattle, to the Gas Works Park, to watch the fireworks on Union Lake. We were a little late leaving, so had to watch from a side road, but we did have a good view of the display.

Unfortunately, good as my camera is, I was unable to take any decent still pictures of the fireworks. The rest of the images are all movie files.

Please be aware that although each file is zipped, and virus checked, they are between 10 megabytes and 46 megabytes in size. Unless you have a high speed connection, DO NOT attempt to download them, or it will take you hours.

I must thank Neil, Alison's husband, for the use of his high speed connection that allowed me to put the files up to the server. Click here to return to the North West page.

 All links now removed, since the files were too large.