This site last updated on  07-Nov-2003
Once in Broome, Graham and Chic Jones took me on a tour of Broome. Most famous is Cable Beach, a huge white sandy beach in the Indian Ocean. We had a wonder around the rocky headland, and saw how brittle the rocks were. This piece only fell off this year! We also saw an example of Dinosaur tracks, though these were only a cast of the originals.
In the evening we went to watch the sunset on the beach, accompanied by a glass of chilled wine, and some cheese and biscuits. The view was enhanced by a camel train!! The Indian Ocean was lovely and warm, though I did not swim! If you look carefully, you can see Venus above the sunset.
Broome is hot, humid and sunny, and I was pleasantly warm! It is surrounded by Mangrove Swamps, which have to cope with a 9 metre tidal range! The swamps included some beautiful Fiddler Crabs. The reason for Broome's existence is for the pearl shell, and now cultured pearls. This statue is in recognition of the divers, who were brought in from Japan.
This coast is quite varied. Graham and Chic took me to this beach, where the rocks are really beautiful. A high spring tide comes up to them!!!
In the evening, we had another attempt at the sunset. A bit better this time, though the clouds still spoilt it a little! Later we went for a lovely dinner with their friend Gary, it was roast beef cooked in a Webber Kettle. A sort of BBQ roast! Later we tried to catch a wallaby on film in Gary's large garden, but they were too elusive!